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What is iHQ?

International Headquarters self-produces multi-media content while continuing to work with other companies to release products across the entertainment spectrum.

Working with OPEN-2, LLC, iHQ has designed The HYDRA SmartBottle. The launch campaigns vastly exceeded our goal, finding success on TWO crowdfunding sites:



Designed and conceived by Black Powder Media (BPM), this pocket-sized media and gaming remote has entered the gadget market following a successful Kickstarter campaign in Nov 2011.

iHQ CEO and BPM Vice President, Scott Barrett, worked with a small team to fulfill the campaign and usher it into retail. iHQ partner, OPEN-2, provided distribution relationships and pathways.

Super Secret Projects

We could tell you but... you know the rest

Super Secret Projects?

“Isn’t that just the sort of thing you say when you’re trying to build hype?”

Well, yes, it is. But as it turns out, iHQ is involved with many formidable undertakings, as well as a few more manageable ones. We are excited to reveal what we can when the time is right.  Please be patient.


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