history of an insomniac

Scott Barrett



President and CEO of International Headquarters, Vice President of Black Powder Media, and founder of Under The Gun Films Corporation, Scott has gained experience few can match. He has run the gamut directing TV series (The Electric Playground), video-game movies (Enter The Matrix), effects work on major motion pictures (Star Wars: EP 2 & 3, Harry Potter 3) and driving post-production on thousands of commercials for NBC.

He has dabbled in industrial design to build toys, programming for game design/execution, and all forms of visual media in order to communicate his ideas and products to the public.

He also died once. But that didn’t stop him from continuing a prosperous career ‘playing’ for a living.

Explore Scotts life, death, and life again in the sections below…

The Electric Playground

Nerd TV: TWO DECADES before it was HIP!

This show debuted across Canada and the US in 1997.

With a small but ambitious team, Scott led the young crew into battle around the globe to produce an entertaining look at the videogame industry. The show is alive and well today, celebrating its 18th season!

Before Scott wrote and directed the cinematics for “Enter The Matrix” he assembled the programming and design teams to create all of Shiny’s in-game “Bonus Videos”

These single-man-made movies were released to players on completion of whatever game they were associated with.

While at Shiny, Scott Barrett formed Black Powder Media Inc. with fellow Electric Playground crew and now Shiny team member, Art Currim. BPM’s first contract was to complete work on Shiny’s new game based on the Matrix franchise. Scott wrote 260 pages of script for the 10+ hour game, directed the principal cast through the motion capture, and designed a software tool to bring the scenes to life within the game through camera and editing.

This partnership would ultimately last 15 years, spanning many projects and contracts.


Feature Film

Made in Canada

Scott joined director David Frank Gomes in Canada to edit this Feature Film.

To set the film’s tone, Scott conceived and directed the dramatic opening scene: Suicide over a train-bridge!

A life lived creatively

Adventure, Travel & Tragedy




Following his work on “aWake”, Scott went to Australia to join the effects team on “Star Wars: Episode 2 & 3″.

Immediately upon wrapping he traveled with the team to London for work on 3rd “Harry Potter” film.



Coming up….

When Scott returned, he landed a producing and editing contract with NBC for Black Powder Media that would ultimately last seven years.

During that time, while in preparations for his Feature Film acting and directing debut, he was struck by a freight train and killed… temporarily.



What happened next!?