Owen Rubin

Videogame Veteran

Owen Rubin designed and programmed many coin-operated arcade games for both Atari Inc. and Bally/Sente Inc. His seminal work on games such as Space Duel, Battlezone and Major Havoc helped shape the industry. He has extensive experience in managing research, software, hardware, QA, and IT teams, locally, remotely, and offshore, as conventional, agile or extreme development teams. A hands-on leader, with experience in design and development, including software and hardware architecture, videogames, consumer electronics, embedded systems, user interface, OS, and security, makes Owen a powerful addition to iHQ. He will be instrumental in the coming offerings of this company.

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Tim is a Leo Award nominated Visual Effects Artist with years of lighting experience. He is a CG animator and print-related graphic designer using such software as Maya, VRay, Lightwave, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Initially employed in film production, Tim worked as a camera assistant on live action films and television including The X-Files and Free Willy 3.





His company, Cydonia 6 Ink creates blueprints and deck plans of our favorite science fiction vessels.

He also wrote and illustrated “The Prisoner: The Village Files”, published by Titan Books in London, England.

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Mike Raznick is a highly versatile, award-winning composer whose music has been heard by millions of people across the globe. Specializing in hybrid-orchestral soundtracks, Mike has worked with some of the top studio orchestras in the world. He is also an alumni of both CalArts and NYU, where he studied music synthesis, digital signal processing and computer programming.

Mike has contributed music to over 500 game, film, and television related projects and we are thrilled to have him provide a triple-A aural experience to iHQ’s product line.

Learn more about him and hear more of his music HERE.

Below are the epic themes he created for “Tanks! Seek&Destroy” and Vic Vector Vengeance.