Created on a lark, the idea behind Empty Chamber was to make a micro budget action comedy containing two idiots and an endless supply of bullets. The project quickly moved from 2D images to 3D still and moving pictures. Here are the some of 2D posters and the 3D images:

Shortly after filming the “Weapons Test”, while on a location scout, Scott was struck by a speeding freight train that claimed his right leg and his ankle-modeling career.

Yet after only 6 days in hospital and a month of recovery, cyborg Scott stepped forward to complete work on the high-action trailer.

His injuries provided a terrific addition to the onscreen action and the mythos!

“You’ve never really lived until you’ve died.” – Scott Barrett

As Black Powder Media’s primary client for commercial editing, NBC provided Scott the opportunity to make spots for every major brand in the world. Over 7 years, Scott has completed literally thousands of spots including ones for Circuit City, Del Taco, IHOP, UniversalStudios Theme Parks, Lincoln Mercury, Jeep, Volvo, Dunkin Donuts, Canon, Fisher Price, Bally Fitness, Legoland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Dallas Museum of Art, AOL, American Century Golf, Chrysler, Ford, Hackensack Heart Foundation, Home & Garden, NIKE, Weight Watchers, T-Mobile, Bank of America, American Express, Suzuki, Toyota, Snoring Center, Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Great Wolf Lodge, Coca-Cola, Albertsons, Disney, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, East West Bank, Golf digest, Wendy’s, Unilever, Robinson’s May, Foster Farms, Chevrolet and more…

> Caught in the middle of an alien war earth inhabitants are forced to vacate or be annihilated! On an extremely remote rock somewhere near the furthest reaches of space we meet Earth’s best hope: Jake and Trey – two members of the recon teams sent to find “Earth 2.0″

Arriving without a commander or a clue, and the brains of the operation being a simian named Simeon, the men struggle to survive at…

Black Powder Media

15 years of awesome

Black Powder Media was created to service a growing niche in the entertainment industry – to bring together the best of Hollywood and the best of videogames, by providing design and technical services and supervising the convergence process. BPM’s first project was to provide design services for the videogame based on the multi-million dollar Matrix trilogy license from Warner Brothers.

For the next decade and a half Scott Barrett and Art Currim provided a broad range of interlinked services – scriptwriting, video direction, editing & design for game cinematics, content consultancy (look/feel as well as capture/pipelines), artwork, sound effects and voice-over and speech design, as well as commercial and promotional videos.

Over the years BPM’s focus shifted to self-generating projects. One key result of that effort can be seen in the iMpulse Controller. Beginning life as a hobby project in Scott’s workshop…

…it morphed and reduced in size to become the portable, digital swiss-army keychain that it is today. Following funding from a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and a distribution relationship fostered by OPEN-2 LLC, almost 30,000 units were sold by end of 2014.